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5 week old lab/pit mix

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My roommate and I just picked up two lab/pit mix puppies on Sunday. As of today, they are 5 weeks old. I just wanted to make sure I'm doing everything correctly.
We've been feeding them small puppy food soaked in water to help soften. How much and how often should we feed them? We've been doing 2 times a day, but someone suggested 3 times/day with smaller portions (we've been giving them 1.5 cups each).
Also, I'm planning to get Duke's shots next week once they turn 6 weeks, is this too early? And I was planning on having him fixed in 6 months.
Any tips, or if you see anything I'm not doing, please let me know.
Here are some pics, mine is the black male (Duke) and roommate's is the white female (Daphney)

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Where did you get them? They really should still be with mom for at least another 3 weeks.

I would not vaccinate until 8 weeks, then again at 12 and 16. They should also go see a vet ASAP to make sure everything is cool.
I got them from a friend of a friend, she works for my roommate's dad.
I put a ticking clock in the laundry room where they sleep to imitate the rhythm of the mom's heartbeat. Didn't have it in their the first night, they started crying several times. Put it in the second night, not a peep out of them.
Well the puppies have been doing great. We started keeping them in a crate at night, letting them out every few hours to potty. They have been pretty good at going outside, and we are starting to learn the signs when they are ready (except when Duke crapped all over my roommate today :cool:). I've been putting off taking them to the vet, since they seem in great health. They turn 7 weeks old tomorrow, so a week from then I will take them in to the vet and have their first round of shots.
So, I wanted some input on this vet:
The wellness plan is an upfront $100, then a monthly fee that covers everything. Is it worth it fore everything they offer? As far as the vet's reputation, I've heard nothing but great things. I went in myself to check it out, very clean, professional, and nice nurses.
For the level 2 wellness, is it worth it for all that stuff?
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Sorry of couple of them are blurry, I suck at camera.
The brown one in the first couple of pics is Cuddy, he came down to visit for the weekend with my roommate's brother. He got him out of the same liter.
They still sleep in the same crate, is there a reason to seperate them now?
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