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5 week old lab/pit mix

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My roommate and I just picked up two lab/pit mix puppies on Sunday. As of today, they are 5 weeks old. I just wanted to make sure I'm doing everything correctly.
We've been feeding them small puppy food soaked in water to help soften. How much and how often should we feed them? We've been doing 2 times a day, but someone suggested 3 times/day with smaller portions (we've been giving them 1.5 cups each).
Also, I'm planning to get Duke's shots next week once they turn 6 weeks, is this too early? And I was planning on having him fixed in 6 months.
Any tips, or if you see anything I'm not doing, please let me know.
Here are some pics, mine is the black male (Duke) and roommate's is the white female (Daphney)

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I got my pup when she was just a couple days under 6 weeks old .... It was either get her from a bad situation or leave her to die!!!
anyways, she is almost 10 weeks old now and I feel she should have stayed with her mom and liter for another couple weeks ....
your pups should be able to eat a puppy kibble with no problems ... here is what I did for my pup ....
I filled her dish with kibble, seperate dish with puppy wet food (once a day) and, made sure her water dish was always full ..... I did not pick up the kibble dish, I let her graze the kibble free will ....
when she was 8 weeks old I feed her the same with the exception of only putting the kibble down 3 times a day!!!

hope this helps
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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