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We just rescued a rottweiler/boxer mix puppy about 2 months ago. When we got him, we noticed he had a small bald spot on his forehead. Knowing this was common for pups, we disregarded it. Then, about a month later, as we were getting heavy into the potty training and crate training, his bald spot seemed to grow more and more. He then started getting little red bumps all over his chest and hind legs. He was scratching non stop. We took him to the vet immediately.

The vet performed a skin scraping, and came back with the diagnosis of Generalized demodex mange. Said he had it all over, and he would require a lot of treatment, and the treatment is a long road, and it may look worse before it gets better, but also that nothing was guaranteed. She prescribed an antibiotic for a secondary infection, some $30 shampoo and conditioner, and off we went.

Things seemed to be getting better for a little while, and then he took a turn for the worse. Both of his eyes swelled up. his whole face went bald and turned bright red and "moist" and puffy. his forehead was bald, his legs were becoming bald, red, and puffy. He smelled terribly. And he was scratching non stop. After spending $150 at the vet for what seemed like NOTHING, my boyfriend and i decided to take matters into our own hands...pretty much with the attitude of "f the vet, they didn't do anything!" we were really upset. Our puppy was miserable. We were broke, we couldn't afford to get him treated every week. We needed to come up with something and fast, because our puppy's mange was starting to look like a death sentence.

I did days worth of research and we went out and bought the following things:
-raw food (green tripe, chicken wings, chicken feet, etc)
-Borax and hydrogen peroxide
-human grade vitamin c and echinacea/goldenseal
- 3/6/9 fish oil
- plain greek yogurt
-sulfur/salicylic acid bath
-tea tree oil bath
-neem oil

man, that is a very long list. But we have done the Borax/hydrogen peroxide dip. we have also bathed him with sulfur and tea tree oil. We have applied uber amounts of the Nu-stock on him, as well as tons of Vetericyn. He eats 100% raw now, with his vitamins and yogurt. his face has cleared up, his fur is growing back, he has less bumps on his nose.

now it seems the one area that we neglected to treat...his chin/chest, is now infested more than ever. His chin is so swelled up, it's almost painful to look at. Would benadryl help him? what can i use for a secondary infection if antibiotics are out of the question? we have tried everything, as you can see, and we are very pleased with the results. he has become so much better and it's almost a blessing in disguise...i will probably never go back to the Vet again as long as i don't need to. but i need to see if there are any other options out there for an obvious stubborn bunch of mites that just won't go away! grrr! sorry for the super long post, but i thought it would be better to tell my story. FYI, the Nu-Stock is a miracle cream, and if you are battling this crazy crazy skin disease, then you definintely need to get some Nu-Stock.

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Bleh, the smell of Nu-Stock makes me crazy. Fills the entire house! But it does work nicely.

Google how to treat Demodex with Ivomec (should be safe for a Boxer/Rott, but herding breeds can be sensitive). I'm amazed the vet didn't use it; I thought it was the standard treatment. Revolution helps, too (I don't know if it kills adult mites but I think it keeps them from breeding). But if he does get a secondary infection, antibiotics WILL be needed---there's really nothing else that can be done for infections (which is why so many people/animals died from simple infections before antibiotics).
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