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400 bucks later

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So I tried a new vet. I have switched a couple of times, trying to find the better ones. I had to use this one because my semi regular one was booked for weeks. Well, the price seemed a little high. Also, the vet talked to me like I was a moron. She had this air of superiority to her.

I made the mistake of telling her I feed raw. Well, I mean they asked me. She told me she has seen so many bad things because of it, though she didn't elaborate. I am assuming she meant obstructions and bones poking through. I didn't bother to ask because I already know they pros and cons of it, having studied it to great lengths before making an informed decision.

I asked her what she fed. Eukanuba. Her dogs are 14 and blah blah blah. I asked her what she thought about the corn they use and she said its fine. Thats when I realized I should never use her again and tell as many people as possible not to as well. She even thinks meat meal or meat by products are ok as long as its a reputable comapny :eek:

She ALMOST made me feel bad but I know better and I shouldn't be made to feel that way as I pump her bank account.

The dogs need to go back for boosters to the vaccinations they got. They also estimated pulling my dogs tooth at about 1200....maybe a little less. Seems a little high to me.

It just frustrates me how she talked to me. I do more research for my pets than the average person and while I am not a vet (nor act like one) I am educated on things. I know she is probably used to having to speak that way to the general public but I made it clear to her and I do my homework. Sigh, and I did not agree with the whole corn thing.

ERGH, had to vent. PLease comment!
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Corn is not a bad fiber source. It should not outweigh the meat content of a kibble, however. The problem with it is many food brands use it as the #1 protein ingredient or else use Corn Gluten Meal, which isn't even edible to dogs (its a type of chicken feed). Corn's protein digestibility is around 50%, so it's the worst source of protein to use, and very inferior to meat.

Some Corn info:
Journal of Nutrition
Science Daily

Note that both studies are talking about Corn as a fiber source. No good dog food uses it as a protein source. I think some people get confused to think no dog food should use it at all. Like any fiber, it should not be the major ingredient.

The dogs that won the Iditarod eat a fish meal and corn-based dog food.

Regardless, Eukanuba isn't all that great. But then, you have to forgive a vet for being ignorant when it comes to dog food, since most of them are. Her comment about by-products would be true if there was any actual quality control of by products. Technically, the best 'by products' would be mostly good organ meats, but the current legal definition allows anything with no way to tell how much of the by product is actually useful vs garbage. She puts too much faith in the food companies to actually use quality stuff, which is natural seeing as how she probably got he nutritional training from them.

Being snobby though, is something I wouldn't tolerate either in my vet. I want a vet who won't treat me like I'm an idiot.
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Finding a good vet can take a while. Once you get a good one, don't ever let them go, lol! =)
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