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Hey Guys,
I am a beginner dog owner and my puppy is turning 4 months.
I got him from an adoption camp which rescues stray dogs and he is a mix, I dunno what mix but people say he looks cute.
So we have a huge house which has a lot of stairs since he is a high energy dog we walks to :
• My parents room to sleep the night with them.
• He walks to the terrace garden to play fetch with me and also look at everyone from above especially the children in our neighborhood.
So I have small doubts, I started to notice how he climbs the stairs bunny hoppin on his hind legs, he gets the zoomies whenwe play and runs a lot and then he is a really high energy dog. He is 9KGs and the vet said it’s good, I do notice that he gets excited to see me and shakes his hips a lot and wags his tail is this normal ?
and also is it too early to detect any signs of HD. I have checked with an appointment with my vet to consult.
But other than that he is a happy, funny and really high energy dog.
Thank You any advice would be appreciated.
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