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Good evening all from the UK,

I have a few a questions about my 4 month old King Charles cavalier...

He is the best! The most fun loving pup but I am Struggling to have him go to the toilet when out walking, we walk him twice a day for half hour and he has never ever even been for a wee let alone a poo when walking, we have a garden and he has been to the toilet in the garden a handful amount of times (very much praised when we have seen him go) but still won’t when we go out walking. Any suggestions please?
My second question is about sleep!
As expected with a puppy sleep isn’t a thing for a while but I would expect at 4 months my pup would not still be crying when I put him to bed... my partner and I are still being so quiet once we put him in the kitchen to sleep (with music & comfy bed) we even come up and brush our teeth etc so we don’t make a sound to wake him for him to start crying - it’s ruining our evenings!
Any feedback or solutions would be much appreciated!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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