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3 yr old Shischons itching

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Hello. I am mom to two 3 yr.old Shischons...they are not related. My male dog itches ALL the time!!! He gets groomed regularly (every 5-6 wks) & has been on the same diet since we got him. I've taken him to the vet and discussed his non stop itching with the Dr. I was advised to give him a certain kind of Benadryl. I do not want to gave to do this all the time. Someone suggested Selsun Blue! I'm at my wit's end with the itching and feel very badly for him as well.
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If he has been on the same diet and has been itching regularly, have you considered doing a food trial to check for allergies? Basically you'd pick a single protein, limited ingredient diet or (not cheap but tested) a veterinary hypoallergenic dog food and feed it and only it for 6-8 weeks. No treats, no supplements.

When he is groomed, what products do they use? Does itching increase after grooming?
Itching could mean many things, from an allergy to environmental things like grass and pollen, or to a food. Have you noticed the itching more now that spring is arriving? If so, it's probably environmental and there's little you can do about it. Benadryl is inexpensive and is your best bet for getting the itching under control if it is indeed allergies. The alternative is letting the dog be itchy. My own dog has some environmental allergies, and this time of year he's got Benadryl onboard 24/7 because otherwise he itches constantly and chews his paws red and raw. He's also on salmon oil, which my vet says helps reduce inflammation and discomfort associated with it.

Benadryl doesn't seem to make dogs sleepy and droopy like it does to some humans. They process it differently. I've been giving my dog Benadryl for 2+ years, and there are no differences in his behavior other than not being miserable itching. There are few reported side effects. Personally, I decided any risks associated with it are worth it so my dog doesn't have to itch all day.
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I second Shell's advice. Try a different food and see if the itching stops.

Is he itchy all over, or mostly his paws?
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