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The first thing you should do is schedule a vet visit. Sudden changes in behavior always mean a vet visit. Make sure to have them check her thyroid, as that has been known to cause some drastic and strange behavior changes.

You might also consider a vet visit for the beagle. Sometimes if a dog senses another dog is sick, they might suddenly become aggressive.

If medical evaluations come back clean, it might be best to bring in a behaviorist to personally evaluate the situation. It's a bit much for anyone on the forum to help you with this without seeing what's happening or knowing the history of the dogs. Professional help is best. In the meantime, continue to keep them separated or no longer watch the beagle during the day.
I second this. My 2yo female started attacking my 14yo dog out of nowhere a couple months ago. He was on pain medicine because he hurt his leg, and the meds made him sick. There hasn't been any accident since 2 weeks after he stopped the meds (they've been separated, but lately been around each other again couple minutes here and there and she hasn't showed any sign of aggression towards him again).

I would definitely ask your dad if his dog has shown any sign of being sick.
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