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3 URGENT Malamute/GSD mixes in Ohio

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I have been assisting in the rescue of these three BEAUTIFUL and wonderfully sweet Malamute/GSD mixes, and nothing would make me happier than to see them placed! The rescue would love to see them get placed together, but will place them separately if needed.

They are "middle aged", super friendly, sweet and HUGE dogs. They love each other and are very playful, sociable and friendly. I have taken several trips out to their location to assist in their care, and sadly their time is running out. I don't want to see these three go to the kill shelter!




Please direct all applications to the folks in the Petfinder ad... unfortunately I can't give out any information or screen applicants myself, so emails to me won't get you the info you need.

Thank you for looking and considering them for rescue!
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OMGosh!!! I hope they find a home together ...
Those precious pups must miss their family ... I wish their family did not abandon them ... maybe there was an illness or something ... if someone could get ahold of the owners of the dogs ... maybe there is a way for someone to foster the pups until the family can establish a home and then they will be together again

A pet is a life time commitment!!!
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