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3 monts old Golden Retriever

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I have a chance to adopt a 3 months old Golden Retriever puppy.
Love dogs. Had a German shepherd for 14 Years.
My question is if 3 months is maybe a little bit late for adopting u puppy or not?
And is a Golden Retriever good family dog? I dont plan for my dog to stay on the leash or something Like that.
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Goldens are almost always wonderful family dogs, and no, 3 months isn't late. In fact it may give you an advantage in that the puppy may have a good start on housebreaking or if not, be more capable of understanding and "holding it" for longer periods.

As to your not stay on a leash remark, I hope you don't mean you plan to let your dog run loose. Dogs need to be on a leash when not in fenced yards for their own safety and in most cases for compliance with laws.
I meant in courtyard...he can be free in a big courtyard ...
And sleep on a couch of course 馃槂
Any advice on what to be carefull with them?
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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