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3 monts old Golden Retriever

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I have a chance to adopt a 3 months old Golden Retriever puppy.
Love dogs. Had a German shepherd for 14 Years.
My question is if 3 months is maybe a little bit late for adopting u puppy or not?
And is a Golden Retriever good family dog? I dont plan for my dog to stay on the leash or something Like that.
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I didn't get one of the best dogs I ever owned until she was two yeas old.

As for not keeping the puppy on a leash, while some dogs naturally tend to stay closer to their humans, expecting a baby not not get distracted and/or wander off sometimes is unrealistic. You have to make coming to you when you call them the best thing ever, with generous treats and praise, and also by not making every recall mean that play time is over. Outside of an enclosed or otherwise safe location, then yes, they should be on a leash until you are 99.99% certain that they understand staying within a certain distance of you and coming back to you every time you call them. Some dogs never reach that point.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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