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3 months old, recovering from Parvo. When can we socialize w/ other dogs?

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When my rottie mix was 9-10 weeks old, she contracted the parvovirus. We brought her to the vet for treatment, and 5 days later they sent her home with some medication. Now around 3 months old, she's gained back all her weight and is eating and playing like normal. But the vet wasn't specific about when we can allow her to play with other dogs. I don't want to put her or other dogs at risk, but I don't want to put it off for too long for fear she might not get properly socialized. Anyone else know when it would be safe to bring her to the dog park?
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I always advise to double check with your vet, but from what I've read and seen as a rule of thumb is isolate for a minimum of 3 weeks after recovery, some sources say contagious for up to 2 months after recovery. ASPCA's shelter medicine guidelines are 2 weeks of quarantine. Just give a quick call to the vet and ask.

Also, I wouldn't jump right into using a dog park for socializing. It will probably overwhelm her and may set her back actually, since she hasn't had any chance of meeting dogs yet. Try setting up one-on-one play time with an adult dog that is used to puppies (needs to be tolerant, yet still playful)
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