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Hello, new here.

Booking in with vet again but feel I need to put ideas to them as so far we aren't getting anywhere.
I've had papillons before my last living 15yrs.
I got a young bitch last year just turned 1yr. Took her to vet immediately for checks and jags etc. She was extremely underweight at this point too.
Breeder and I are still in touch and was slight offence taken at me saying pap was underweight. I know it's not due to breeder not feeding etc as a year on the problem is still here and getting worse. Lady keeps in touch and asks how pap is getting on.
So anyway on first visit to vet the vet looked at me with very worried expression. I could see she was reacting to examine her and the thinness and agreed this was concerning for me. She was wormed and we reworded to be sure. All jags and the one to protect from rats etc.
She was known to be very playful and a shortly got another pap and they are an amazing pair who gel brilliantly. She a petite build as well so it's even worse. But personality wise she's top dog even though her chum is bigger frame. Anyway I am rambling.
This pap could eat for Britian. She wolfs down her meals and will steal other girls too if given an inch.
Vet agreed I should keep her on puppy stuff as more calories. I've give raw meet too. But in last week or so I swear she's getting thinner. Last night she was sitting looking at me and closing her eyes as if they were watery and almost as if she were going to collapse or something.
I've googled and see usual worms etc perhaps diabetic or heart issues can be linked.
She's sensitive tum and can get runs easy.
Doesn't drink excessive amount. Loves her walks running about but is horrifically thin.
Has anyone any experience of this? I want to try and direct vet to correct testing to resolve this asap.
She has lovely soft silky coat but even stranglers can see how thin she goes at back.
Any ideas or advise appreciated. Thank you

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Another thing to consider is the possibility of a liver shunt.
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