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Maybe helpful...

There is a dog that I have been boarding in my home about 5 weeks throughout the year for two years now. She is a resource guarder and has known my adult dog since she was a puppy. To avoid problems I do exactly as you have stated above. Toys and bones are off the floor while she is here. When I do give her a bone, she is separated. I put her in an expen. There are no guarding problems with this arrangement and I will never change it. I have seen her guard a nut that fell off a tree in the yard from another dog. I don't see her getting better.

There is another dog I board that guards spaces (crate, couch, part of the floor) and food but not toys. In her case things are fine by simply feeding separately and having my dog enter a space first. She only guards if a dog enters her space first. She has known my dog for about 6 years.

Both the above dogs play with mine, they are friends. I think that what you will have to do depends on the dogs. Some management will definitely be necessary.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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