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2 Years After Hiking With Dogs, Mother Nature Finally Hit Us

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Everything had gone exactly as planned. We got up at 2:00am Friday, then my mom showed up at 3:00am and we were off. Taking HWY 93 at that time was not the best of choices. Being a Colorado native, deer are nothing new or very surprising. But the thing that threw me was the sheer numbers. I ended up driving the speed limit after the second hard braking situation before Co 128. Just one more pit stop in Golden and we launched up Gennessee hill on I-70 for the continuous leg to Kite Lake. Exiting at Frisco as the sun lit up the valley reminded me of how much I miss living in the mountains.

The highlight of the drive was seeing a 599 Fiorano for the first time. I tried ever so desperately to get the camera out and snap a shot, but it was too little too late. Normally super cars in Summit county are of the typical high dollar rental variety in red, black or yellow. But this was a Ruby Metallic (deep wine) car with such exquisite styling and hand made artisan perfection. Enough with the car before I hijack my own thread.

We crested Hoosier pass at 6:15am and the olde familiar views were just as stunning as they were years ago...

The road to the trailhead/campground was easily navigable, even by Oklahoma plated Honda Civics. A few big rocks to avoid and some washboard tacking made for minimal thinking. By 8:00am we were half unpacked and starting to reach the end of setup. The view ended up taking some time away as we just gawked upon arrival...

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Thanks for the hike H! It's the closest I'll get to it. Love Bubba's rain coat. And I'm glad Tambi had a good time too. The scenery is breathtaking to say the least. Thanks again for taking us with you.
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