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2 weeks and 2 days old :)

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we chose the puppy we want today! i am so happy. they are gsd/husky and he is 2 weeks and 2 days old today.

i want milk!!!

proud papa and the new baby boy!!

thank you for looking : )
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he is a big boy! :D iorek is about 50 lbs right now and we are working on getting him up to about 60-ish because he is too thin right now - can't keep any weight on him! he is always on "go" mode!! we want a playmate for him that is around the same size and i think this new little guy will work out just great!
no, no name ideas yet. well, some ideas but nothing concrete yet. i kind of like scoresby since that is iorek's best friend from the golden compass series (the dark matter series by phillip pullman) and we were also thinking if we ever got a black dog we would call him sirius from harry potter but we are not sure yet. my husband doesn't really like scoresby but i kind of do.

he does look like a little bear! it is funny, we actually saw a black bear on the side of the highway coming him from seeing the puppies today.
Aw, congradulations! I don't know how you were able to choose, with little fur faces like that I would have taken them all!

Scoresby doesn't sound bad, though I'm not familiar with the book you speak of. :eek: Either way, hes a cutie.
believe me, it was a hard decision!! there were only 4 boys though and we really wanted another male, so that really cut down the choices. since the pups are gsd/husky we were looking more for the gsd look. our friends that went with us were looking more for the husky look and they chose a cutie with extra fuzzy fur. it was a really tough choice. i liked that this guy kind of has black flecks through the tan on his legs, although it is really hard to see in the pictures.

Lee Scoresby is the name of the aeronaut in the golden compass. he flew the balloon/ship thing if you saw the movie. in the later books you find out that Lee and Iorek are really close friends. i don't really like lee for a dog so that is why i was thinking scoresby... it is all still up in the air!

Congrats!! SOOOO CUTE. I love his coloring. ^_~

The funny thing is he's the size of my 9 week old Aiko :p Actually... probably a lot larger O_O. SOOO CUTE!
heehee! i would say that he is probably a lot bigger! ;) he is about 3-4 lbs right now if i am guessing right (i am comparing how heavy he felt compared to my giant 3.5 lb ferret!)

i really love his colouring too :)
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here are a few more pictures of the puppies. our new guy is not in these pictures unless he is in the pile and i didn't notice.

puppy pile-up!

just too cute!

me and a cutie-bum

this is the one our friends chose
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i LOVE big dogs. i don't know what it is, it just seems that some people like big dogs and some like smaller dogs. i think this guy is going to be a perfect match for iorek when he gets bigger :)
So if my calculations are right, they just opened their eyes and their ears are starting to open too, correct? It's been so long since I have been around new born puppies. He is going to be so much fun. :D
right :) they just opened their eyes around the end of last week. i don't know about their ears though. when i saw them at 2 days their little ears looked the same as they do in these pictures, little flappy things :) but i don't know what they are like on the inside. there are a few puppies that are starting to move around more now but most of them are still little lumps on a log :D heehee!
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