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2 Week old puppy behaving strange??

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We recently had a litter of 3 shepherd mix puppies that we had to hand-rear because of a a tragic tun of events which made them lose their mother.
They are nearly 2 and a half weeks old but today one of them started acting strange.
He constantly yawns unlike the other two, started to become very uncoordinated with his walking, and seems a lot less active.
He is still alert and has an appetite but he's still not being himself.
this is our first time with young puppies let alone having to hand raise them.

Is this something that might pass or are these signs of something serious?
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See a vet. Excessive yawning can be from lack of oxygen, either due to something with the lungs, heart or lack of red blood cells. Hypoxia can also cause motor skill problems. You need to get him to a vet quickly if you don't want to lose him.
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