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So I have two questions that could be related to each other so instead of making a thread for each I'll ask them both here.

1. I have a 6 foot privacy fence for the majority of my backyard, I have a dog who is using the insides of the fence ledges as a ladder and climbing the fence to get out. Does anyone know a way to stop this from happening? I would love to be able to just let both my dogs out in the backyard and step back inside without worrying if one is going to get out of the yard.

The dog in question is a large dog - almost two year old male who is right around 100 lbs and when standing on his hind legs is around 5'2" (guessing based off my own height, definitely over 5 feet though). So what he does is gets on his hind legs, puts his front paws on the very top ledge then pulls himself up, once his hind legs are on the middle ledge he is then over the fence.

From the images below, the red squares - this is what he uses as a ladder to climb the fence.

2. I live alone and I work outside the house. I am gone from 10-12 hours a day, there are no dog walkers/sitters anywhere near the area and taking both dogs to doggie daycare is something I can't afford. I always come home to something of a mess but I can't really blame them because of how long they are alone. I have thought about installing a doggie door but there is issue #1 from above to address first. And then what if they are outside just barking their heads off for hours on end while I'm gone - I'm sure the neighbors would love that. I do have an unfinished basement and there is a concrete room that I don't use at all, have been thinking of maybe trying artificial grass or pee pads? Thoughts on this or have you used something else that works better?
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