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1yr Old Treeing Walker/Redbone Coonhound Mix

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Have a 1yr old Treeing Walker Redbone Coonhoumd Mix. Have had him since he was 12 weeks old. He's always been a bit of a barker but it has gotten significantly worse. He barks at every little thing that he hears around the house, when he wants something from us including our food. He has also become very protective and aggressive to people coming onto the property (when he was a pup he was always friendly to everyone) I've tried just about every tip I've found on the internet. Any suggestions would be awesome. My main concern is the barking as it does not stop and we have a 2 year old where naps are a bit challenging at times...
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What does the breed description say ? Being from the south and raised around people who had hunting dogs I would expect them to be barkers very vocal, and I wouldn't be surprised for them being protective. I have a breed that is naturally intolerant to humans, very territorial, and barks a lot as part of their natural job and even though they can be friendly as pups, and had experiences of social interaction .. pretty much like clock work starting at 7 months old they begin to change towards their bred traits.

It's something to consider when you looking at why your training isn't working, and not to think poorly or punish the dog. At 1 year old they still a pup, still learning. keep training with them and working with them. You may never get them to stop and stay stopped , but you can have other ways of handling it that work for a good compromise. Your pup isn't done yet of being who they will be as a mature adult by 2, 3, or 4 years.. Don't stop working with them.
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