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1st time dog owner and certified newbie.

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I'm Tanya and I live in Mumbai, India. I recently adopted a healthy 8-week old Cocker Spaniel and mystery dog mixed pup (the mother passed away). 15 pups needed to find homes and soon. Since acquiring him was not a planned event, I havent had too much time to read up and have been doing my best by reading up online about all the stuff that would help bring him up in the most loving way I can. He really is adorable.

I love dogs, but have never had one, let alone a pup. I really could use all the help could get. Experienced dog owners, I relie on your kindness and generosity to share your expertise.

I hope, in time, I can help another member out. My post detailing my Toto predicament will be titled "Help: 8-week old Cocker Spaniel and mystery dog mixed pup needs to be housebroken"


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Welcome! There is lots of great info here. Read through the posts and stickies and you'll learn tons.
Hello and welcome to DF!! hope the forum assists in as many ways as possible! sure has helped me!!
All these forums and the kind people have gotten me through what could have been a very frustrating and traumatising time for me. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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