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Hi I adopted Harley last year from a shelter that saved her for about 3 months. They say she was about 2yo (she is 3yo now). She is a mostly submissive dog but sometimes she will growl while cuddling with me and my gf. The gf has been around for about 3 months now and loves to get pet and hugs from her. When she lays down she asks Harley to come here and while she is crawling on her she growls and even quivers her lip. I’m afraid that she would bite and want to get ahead of this behavior. I don’t smack her bum or yell negatively at her. I say her name in a positive tone and try to have her snap out of it. Not sure what other route to take at this time but I’m not seeing improvement. She can be shy to other people and will snap if someone comes too close to over head. She had some aggressive/protective breads but I don’t think it’s fair to label her to those. Can anyone help with training tips or where would be the best to take her for training in the Raleigh area?
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