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17 Wk puppy won't eat before 1pm, throwing up bile

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My 17 wk old dachshund puppy became a fan of not eating until mid morning probably around 9-10 weeks. She generally wakes up around 6 or 7, (or 5 sometimes), does her business and then wants to sleep until 10-11.
But now, it has been a struggle to get her to eat any dog food at all. I have tried multiple different kinds and brands, including wet (which is more popular than others) and putting toppers on it. Nothing really flies with her. (she wants people food). She seems to get bored with one kind or one topper after a few days, but I can't keep buying new food constantly.

She will EVENTUALLY eat something, but often not before throwing up bile once or twice because her stomach is empty.
She hasn't eaten the full recommended puppy amounts for several weeks now (but the vet says she is healthy and she's still gaining weight), she's been at approximately 2 bowls a day when she should be at 3.
I've been trying to wean her off eating people food (eggs, sweet potato, cooked meat) because I want her on primarily dog food with supplemental snacks of those things occasionally, but I always end up giving in because she won't eat anything else.
Anyone have any recommendations?
We've ruled out any "diseases", she's had stool samples checked and been tested. She has no diarrhea or constipation, her vomit is always only bile, with nothing else in it, she has normal energy levels and doesn't seem out of sorts.
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If she does not have anything going on with her stomach and has been checked out by the vet, this is what I would do.

Give her her food and give her about 15 minutes to eat it at each feeding. If she does not eat or only eats a small amount, pick her food up and try again later. At 17 weeks 3, even 4 times a day is good. Do not give her any people food, and only use her kibble for treats.

This sounds like a battle of wills to me, where she is holding out for people food. She will eat when she gets hungry enough.

While it's not good for them, a puppy that age not eating for 24 hours won't kill them. (Assuming she refuses food a whole day or something)

Watch her weight though, and if she starts looking thin, or starts having diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting up kibble, or anything else out of place, take her to the vet. Also of she refuses her kibble for more then a day, consult a vet. As there could be something else going on.

All that being said it's normal for them to refuse a meal once in a while. Puppies are usually pretty good about eating what they need. Mine have gone a day eating 1/4 of thier daily allotment, and then eat a whole bunch the next day.
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First, stop changing her food. Second, at that age she may be teething and, thus she wants to chew on things but, crunching the kibble is uncomfortable so she puts it off as long as she can. Try soaking the kibble in warm water or, making a gravy using a little canned dog food of the same kind and, using that to soften the kibble for her.
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