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My 16 month old pure bred German Shepard has very sick for over 3 weeks. It began with lethargy and no energy. She's had fevers and hasn't been wanting to eat very much. 2 weeks she's been sick at home and during these 2 weeks we had taken her to the vet 6 times. There she had blood work twice which only showed she had some type of bacterial infection but they could not tell us where. In those 6 vet visits she had 8 total shots, some was a booster and some were pain killers. She had been on antibiotics to treat her bacterial infection for two weeks but wasn't getting much better. Her fever was still there and and her joints were swelling because the vet said the infection spread to her joints. On the 6th visit the vet said she needed to go to an animal hospital. Today is day 8 at the hospital. She's had blood work again, tested neg for Lymes and distemper and is up to date on all shots. Her fever has been "life threatening" but only comes every morning but goes away by the afternoon. She has had brain and spinal fluid tests and everything came back fine. A few days ago she seemed to be getting a little better but went downhill again. She has been eating and drinking this whole time. The only thing that the tests have been showing was that she was becoming very anemic. She has lost ALOT of weight. She has had X-rays that showed that she had some condensed areas in her lungs. The vet has been mostly concerned about the fever and why it comes every morning. No vomiting or diarrhea just this terrible fever and she's just very sick. Before this she has had perfect health and we always gave her tick medicine. She has had some ticks though. We would check her everyday for them. But she tested neg for Lymes. Every test has shown them nothing besides bacterial infection and that awful fever. She has been on two antibiotics since her stay in the hospital. As of right now were living in Bavaria in Germany. So that would rule out valley fever and rocky mt spotted fever. The vet says she's not suffering. The hospital is
1 hour away and we visit every other day and call everyday. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? We have become so desperate and so concerned. We just want to bring her home and take care of her. The vets said they've tested for everything but still no results. She was born in Germany and has never left the country. Please help.
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