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My wonderful cute french bull dog who is only 6.6lb (below the growth curves for her breed) fell of the bed. I went to grab her when she got to close to the edge and she thought that meant play so she scooted back and fell off the bed backwards. I took her to the vet ER immediately they did a tone of x ray and read them wrong and found out 8 hours later when my vet got them that her leg was fibula had a non displaced transverse fracture. She is in what I would call a soft cast that gets replaced weekly. Her vet said their was a shift at her 1 week check up and cast change, but not to worry about it. I was being so careful. Any advice on how to take better care of my puppy? How to keep her cast from slipping? I try to keep her in the crate at all times except for potty breaks where I carry her to the wee wee pad. I am not going to lie and say I never hold her for no reason. I put her in a dog stroller so she can be near me when I am home and roll her from room to room. I try playing games with her in her mermaid seat (how she sits with the cast). i also play games when she is on her back. She is so restless i want her to heal and i feel so guilty. Any advice to get my dog through this?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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