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14 week old puppy growls and snaps sometimes when picked up from couch

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I have a 14 week old Cavachon. She's super friendly and loves everyone and every dog she meets. Recently she's become big enough that she can jump on our couch. We've decided we don't mind this as she is a lapdog.

However she sometimes does get scared jumping off the couch and when she clearly tries to get off and we try to help her by picking her up she growls and sometimes even bites (very soft bites, no pressure behind it but teeth to skin contact). We don't think that's ok at all and I'm wondering how to get her to stop doing that.

Even the gesture of going in with my hands before I pick her up will sometimes get a growl out. I'm not sure if this is frustration, that's she scared to jump of herself or a sign of aggression. She's not aggressive at all otherwise, but we want to stop this behavior before it becomes a problem.

If I pick her off the couch when she does not suspect it or when she's tired she does not growl.

So far I've tried going very slowly in steps first touching her and if she doesn't growl treat her and then work from that while praising her a lot when I've picked her up and she didn't growl.

Hopefully a more experienced dog owner has any advice! Thanks!
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I forgot to mention, she does the same on top of our stairs. She figured out how to run up the stairs by herself, but is scared to go down the stairs and when I try to pick her up to carry her downstairs she kicks up a fuss too, barking and growling.

She's not in pain since she doesn't growl when I handle her usually.
Many dogs do not like being picked up.

For the stairs, wait her out. She needs to figure out how to go down on her own. You can help her with food treats and patience. The other option is a gate at the bottom of the stairs so she cannot go up them!

The couch is a bit easier. They make steps and ramps for couches.. you could get one of those. Because the couch is higher I would be more concerned about her jumping off and possible joint damage.

I would stop picking her up.
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they sell doggy stairs and doggy ramps you can put by your couch for her
Thanks for the advice everyone!
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