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My little 14 week old pup Robbie is a nightmare when on his own. The routine we are trying to get him in his at half 9 he goes to bed he will normally cry and whine for a couple of minutes but then will go straight to sleep until about half 6 when it is non stop barking and crying for ever.

I have now started to go to him before he cries let him out for a wee and that and then put him back into his kennal he starts barking straight away so I wait till he is quiet and when he has been quiet for 5 seconds I give him a treat I'm slowly increasing the time before treating. Is this a good way for him to stop with the barking and crying when he is left alone in his kennal? He has started to be a lot quiter now when I am getting ready for work and stuff like that I just don't want him developing SA or anything like that?

And before any one has a go at me yes he is left outside during the day and night but he has lots of Social time and seems to settle better outside then inside. It's not cruel before dogs become domasticed pets they used to live out side!!

Thanks for any help think I just need to reassurance that it's a good way!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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