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Hi, I have a 13 week female lab. Things have been up and down so far. Good days and bad days. I am definitely having puppy blues on bad days. The thing we are struggling with right now is to get her to be by herself without barking when we are at work. This is our schedule so far -
6 AM- 8 AM: food, exercise, potty, play
8 AM - 12 PM: We’d like her to be in the crate or pen by herself (with one potty break). She does fine in the crate till about 11, but then starts barking/whining, so I usually give her pen access then with her toys. She keeps switching between playing, napping and barking. This is the part that gets a little hard for us because we need to keep looking out to see what can we do so she doesn’t bark and interrupts our work. Any suggestions on how to deal with that? Are we expecting too much right now?
12 PM - 1 PM: lunch, play, exercise, potty
1 PM - 5 PM: Again, we’d like her to be by herself during this time but she usually wakes up again at around 3 PM. I give her toys/ kong but as soon as she is done with the Kong or get bored with her toys, she starts barking again. Same question - any suggestions?
5 PM- 7PM: play, dinner, exercise, potty
7PM-9PM: nap. We have recently started giving her some light play after 9 for maybe 20-30 mins otherwise she wakes up before 6. Do you recommend how long we should give her this play at night? Ideally we want her to start her day at 7 AM, or at least 6:30 AM.
Do you think this is a realistic schedule? Any suggestions on how to make the in between times go more smoothly?
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