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12 week old puppy had weird lump on his eyelid

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I think I read somewhere that it is against forum rules to inquire about any sort of illness. However, this happened a couple of years ago and is no longer an issue. I am just very curious what it could have been.

My chocolate lab is nearly 3 years old now and a very healthy dog. This particular eyelid growth started at around 12 weeks of age (about a month after we picked him up from the breeder's).

We noticed at around 12 weeks old, he had a small growth on his eyelid. It was on the outer eyelid (visible just by looking at him). It was the same color as his eyelid and very small. We asked the vet about this, who didn't seem concerned (although he never gave a specific diagnosis... he said to just keep an eye on it). We ended up applying cold packs to it a couple of times a day, which helped slightly with the swelling. The growth never got any bigger (it was about the size of a large pimple). Overtime, it just got smaller and smaller until it eventually disappeared a couple of months later. Almost like he just "grew into it". No issues since. When he was an older puppy (6 months to a year) he did have discharge from his eyes (or "eye boogers"). Nothing concerning, it looked like the same discharge that most humans and animals get after waking up / not cleaning eyes for a while. There was just a bit more than most animals get. However, this also resolved itself very quickly. I am not sure if it was related to the growth, or he just had some eye irritations for a bit. It only lasted a couple of weeks. Anyways, he has nearly 3 years old and no issues since.

What could this have been?

Second question: I am getting another puppy from the same breeder in a few months. I am wondering if these sorts of small mini issues can affect any dog, no matter how well they are bred? Or if this should be an indication that I should not get another dog from the breeder?
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