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11-Month old Boxer Chewing Furniture When Left Out

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My wife and I have been trying to train our boxer to be able to not have to go into his crate when we leave the house. Sometimes he doesn't touch anything. We get home, cushions are on the couch and nothing is destroyed. Other times he rips apart the cushions or finds something else to chew.

My wife and I want to leave him out of his crate while we are at work like we do for our 10-yr old puggle. But his behavior is too erratic for us to feel comfortable, even for an hour. Sometime we can leave for 3-4 hours and he's good. Other times it could be an hour and things are destroyed. We would fill their kongs but my older one has been alone for so long she gets territorial with anything concerning treats and other dogs.

We feel HORRIBLE putting him in his crate while we go to work. We had our puggle trained to be out of her crate when she was younger than him at his age.

Any tips or advice on what we can try?
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I agree with what the others have said. He's not reliable enough to be left out right now. He's still very young and Boxers are high energy dogs! Crate him for a couple more months and try it again. Make sure you're not leaving anything out the could be enticing to him. How much exercise does he get? Try leaving him out only if he's had a lot of exercise right before you leave. Other times put him in his crate. If he is allowed to destroy things he get into a habit and will keep doing so.

Our dog took until over 3 years old to be okay out of her crate. Then at Christmas last year she started going backwards and destroying things again so it's back in her room. We'll try again once she's "forgotten" to chew things up. Our other dog is 3 now and still can't be left out of his crate. We felt bad too because he also sleeps in there at night, so we decided to start leaving his crate door open at night. Guess what - he cried and howled and scratched at the door to room, then started shredding things. I got up and put him back in his crate (he was happy to go in) and he went right to sleep.

Keep in mind that some dogs will never be okay being left loose at home alone.
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