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10mo Lab mix ???

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Just adopted a 10mo lab mix today. When we were talking to the rescue they told us she was shy and would need some time. She lets us pet her, she has eaten and drank water. She has taken a 30 minute walk. No problems here, but she has been here for almost 11 hours, taken her out 4 times still hasnt used the bathroom. Her foster mom said she had used the bathroom since her spaying.

She was spayed maybe 56 hours ago. So we are thinking with maybe the spaying, being in a new home, and just being shy, she will go when she is ready. Any thoughts?
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Did she use puppy pads, newspaper, towels, or outside at the rescue. Whatever surface she went on there, make that available to her at home. If that was concrete and you have none, a hard, bare floor might work for her. Get her to go there then, wipe up but don't clean too well, leave a bit of the scent there. Place a pad or newspaper right beside where she went. get her using whatever you choose reliably then, work on going outside from there. Might take a couple of months to get there but, she will come around.
Nope she went outside for everyone else. She wont even come out of her crate unless I get in crate and pull her out. She has peeed once in 25 hours, outside. So frustrating.
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