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10 week old puppy, growling and snapping at daughter. I am worried.

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We have a 10 week old shepherd mix puppy. We have only had her about a week. We also have a 5 year old shepherd/doberman (THE BEST DOG). The new puppy, plays fine - does her normal puppy biting and play growling. But if the puppy is doing something she shouldn't or laying down and my daughter tries to pick her up she growls and then turns back to bite her. Yes, I know my daughter shouldn't be picking her up when she is laying down BUT I can do it just fine, I can pick her up from a deep sleep and she doesn't do anything. Is there something I should be doing to nip this in the butt now, before she is big and does some real damage?
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Yes. Your daughter is how old? How big? The puppy probably views her more as a peer than as a leader. BTW I will likely get slammed for saying the leader word, but I think it may be the correct word for this.

She should not be picking up this dog. Actually, if this dog will grow to have any size, NO ONE should be picking up this dog. It is possible that your daughter has smaller hands and it HURTS to be picked up.

All interaction between dog and daughter should be supervised. If she wants to pick up a soft and thing and cuddle it a 10 week old German Shepherd puppy is the wrong thing. In fact, petting the dog will likely be a challenge and it will only get worse. Get your daughter a stuffed toy to cuddle because a puppy is like cuddling and picking up a pin cushion.
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