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10 Week Old Mini Aussie Crate Training help

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Hi, I got a Mini Aussie, we named him Brooks,
about two weeks ago now and I’ve been having the hardest time crate training him, he goes in and starts whining and barking so loud it’s just so much it makes me almost feel bad he’s in there. I have a roommate who works nights and during the day while I work and he sleeps he says he can hear my pup just whining for hours on end. It doesn’t stop, my pup just cannot stand it. I’ve done every trick I’ve seen like feeding him treats within the crate then leading him out then back in with a treat, and he does it well but then when I open the crate door to let him in, I’ll put a treat within it and he’ll literally stretch so his snout can get the treat then he sprints away from the crate to eat it, he’s definitely smart but I just don’t know how to get him to realize that’s his “crib” his home... I am asking for any other ideas towards crate training a pup, when I went to the vet for his shots that simply said “it comes with time” but like this dude sounds like he’s on his death bed when he’s in there he just will not stop whining and barking it’s as if he’s close to losing his “voice” it’s so loud and mad, I don’t know where I went wrong and feel bad... any ideas towards this? He’s potty training like a champ and I’ve taught him to stay and lay down and sit and to come by my side like he’s definitely a smart pup and willing to learn, but this crate training is something he just refused to do. Thanks guys!
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