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10 month old marking inside

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So Gus is ~10 months (not neutered yet) and recently has started marking inside. He's been marking outside for a couple of months now but it's starting to happen inside. Basically we've gone back to basic house training... he's under direct supervision at all times, usually leashed unless we close him into a room with us and can see him at all times. We started this a few days ago and have only caught him trying to mark once. DH saw him sniffing and went to lift his leg, we interrupted and directed him outside.

Are we doing this correctly by treating him exactly how we did when he was younger? How long should we be treating him like this? Also, yesterday it was sunny and nice enough for a walk and as we were walking I started to wonder if I should be rewarding him for marking outside? I'm going to assume not, but is there any way to encourage him to empty his bladder when he's in the yard?
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You're doing it right. And yes, you should reward him for marking outside. Continue to supervise, interrupt if you catch him lifting a leg. With consistent supervision he should begin to get the idea that all potty happens outside, even the marking kind!
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