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10 Hour Trip Preparation

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This Friday I am will be driving to Ohio for the weekend. It will be a 10 hour trip and I am doing my best to be prepared because this will be the longest trip my 9 mo. old lab mix, Ivan, will have been on. So far his longest trip was 2.5 hours and he did fine.

He will have the entire back seat of the car to himself. I plan on bringing water for him and some toys. I'll probably stop every 2-3 hours for him. Anyone have any other advice? Thanks!
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I would crate him during the trip. Eliminates the possibility of him jumping into the front seat and causing a wreck and the crate gives him protection in case of an accident as well. Crates are pretty tough when you think about it.
My dogs get harnessed in so they can't move around the car to much. They can still stand up and turn around to get comfy. When we have the dogs on a long car ride we stop every 2 hours, for about 10 minutes. We give them water then, let them potty and walk them around to stretch their legs. I also bring their nylabones and they do often chew on them in the car. I also like to bring some towels or paper towel, a collapsable crate and extra collars and leashes just incase.
Nylabones and kongs work wonders for our crew while on the road. We usually fill the kongs with yogurt and freeze them, this way they'll last longer and keep the dog interested for a longer period of time. We also stop ever 2/3 hours for 10-15 minutes to let everyone potty, get a drink, and run off some energy. It's also a good idea to have a copy of your dogs records and a recent picture with you just incase... you never know what could happen while out and about.
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