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In general, we’ll pay more attention to the problems that dogs often show up, so some of the unexpected fun facts would be ignored. But for the common knowledge of popular, or more uncommon trivia, we should all have a certain understanding, perhaps these humble knowledgeability will play a decisive role at a crucial moment. In this article we will introduce 10 amazing facts about dogs that you may never know, want to know what are them? Here we go.

1.TOUCH is the first feeling that a dog knows.

2. The dog's ears are controlled by 18 muscles and the two ears can do different actions independently.

3. The oldest dogs in the world lived till 29-year-old. An Australian cattle dog named Bluey.

4. Humans have four blood types, but dogs have 13.

5. The new-born baby dog was deaf, blind, and toothless.

6. When dogs want to excrete, they’ll adjust their bodies to align with the earth's magnetic field (north-south).

7. The Nazis used to train dogs to talk and read.

8. Why did the dog raise a leg when he was peeing? Not to be clean! This motion is actually the meaning of domination.

9. Dogs have a sense of smell 10,000 times more sensitive than humans.

10. Small dogs such as Chihuahua can detect more sounds than big dogs.

Most pics from ins @Gohanthehusky and the internet.

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