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1 year old still having accidents

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Hello everyone,

I have a one year old dog (who I got at 3 months old) and have still not been able to fully house break her. We have two dogs and my older dog, Zuko, is completely house broken and NEVER has accidents. Here is a breakdown of our current routine and where things frequently go wrong:

6am: usually around this time Roxy will wake up (she sleeps with my husband and I) and want to go out. I’m extremely in tune to her and it’s very very rare that she’ll get up and I won’t hear her. Every so often this will be 5am instead of 6am. Sometimes I’m able to take her back to bed and convince her to sleep until 6 but sometimes I cannot. If she gets up and I don’t spring out of bed fast enough she’ll pee in the house. We’ve confined her to just our room under the idea that dogs won’t pee in their space or where they sleep but this theory has not worked here. TL:DR - if I don’t get up and take her out as soon as she wakes up regardless of what time it is, an accident happens.
Breakfast is at around 7. Throughout the day she gets to go out again at 9am, then 1, then 6. In between those hours she’s stuck in my home office with me and never has an accident when she’s in there with me. We had a few weeks of doing really well so I started to give her more freedom after we’d go out. Now it seems that even with a long run of success, she still pees in the house. She peed on the couch the other day and I couldn’t even pin point when it was because she was with me for a large majority of the day and only got small amounts of freedom.
dinner is at 730. I keep her with me until 8pm when my husband gets home and he takes her out. She goes out again around 10:30 before bed. The other day I fed her dinner and had to use the bathroom myself In that time period she finished her food and I didn’t get to confine her with me fast enough and she pooped in the house.
I’m not sure what to do at this point. She gets treats every single time she does anything outside, we use an enzymatic cleaner to clean every time she goes, I keep her with me just about as much as humanly possible and my other dog is a saint and has none of these issues. She’s been to the vet and has no health issues. It seems like she’s never going to learn and the second I think she’s ready for more freedom I quickly find out I was fooled.
Any and all advice welcome.
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