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1.5 year old Golden Retriever

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My dog didn't really get a proper training when he was a puppy, but I've decided I'd like to teach him :)

He already knows how to sit and give a paw.

Currently I'm trying to learn him how to fetch in a small forrest nearby, by the problem with that is, he chases the stick, he stands just in front of the stick and then he just turns around and comes running back at me, hoping I throw another one..

I'd say only 1 out of 20 times he returns the stick, and if he does, he drops the stick about 5 meters away from me.

Another thing that I wonder about, is, when I for example give him the sit command, he sits, but when I want to pet him on his head saying 'good boy', he tries to bite my hand (he doesn't really bite, just really softly puts it in his mouth) and he rolls on his side as quick as possible, so I can't touch his head..

Are there any tips for me and my dog Simba ^^
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Reaching over a dogs head is a threatening gesture, he's asking you not to do that. Instead try approaching him from the side and giving him a scratch behind the ear.

As far as teaching fetch, you might try getting him to target first. Targeting AKA "Touch"
This might be a stupid question, but what's meant by mark and reinforce?

And another thing my mom liked to ask.
She like to put an old thin blanket in his sleeping basket, but he always takes it out.. (and sometimes even 'rides' it.. )

How can we stop this behaviour?

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