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“Nesting” Type Issues

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My dog has recently started “nesting” again, scratching to bundle up blankets and such. He is male so the issue is comfort - he used to do it a lot as a puppy, and eventually grew out of it.
As he has aged, he’s recently started attempting to nest again. The problem is that he mostly attempts to do this on regular carpet, which will not ball up. It makes an annoying sounds, pulls threads loose, and seems to frustrate him.
I have tried giving him blankets to use - old ones of mine, brand new ones, etc - but he seems to believe that once a blanket is down, he’s not allowed in that spot.
I am not sure what to do now and was wondering if anyone had advice on getting him to use a blanket for his “nests”.
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Ours like to nap on the bottom landing of our stairs, but lately she's started scratching like crazy on the carpet and is pulling out strands.
Hopefully someone here has suggestions for this.
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