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  1. Chihuahua squealing when touched while in heat.

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi guys, please forgive me if I unintentionally break any rules seeing as I am new to the forums & disregard any statements that may sound a little odd or stupid. Anyways, I am the proud owner of a 4 pound cream colored chihuahua named Little Foot. I have had problems with her in the past...
  2. Am I doing this training thing right for my new puppy?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hey gang, I finally got my puppy, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, on Saturday at 2 days shy of 8 weeks old. He's amazing! Since I'm a first-time dog owner, my breeder helped me pick a dog with a super good temperament to mitigate my first-time training blunders. I wanted to run my routine by you guys...
  3. Disrespectful puppy

    General Dog Forum
    I know this has probably been posted a million times but I couldn't find anything that matched my issues exactly. I have a lot of experience with bully breeds working with rescues around the country. I have had my own female Staffie for 5 years and she is great. I 4 days ago I rescued an...
  4. dog yelped when pooping

    Dog Health Questions
    Yesterday my 2 1/2 year old female border terrier was obviously having a hard time pooping. She yelped than went a little bit, it appeared normal. Than a few seconds later she yelped again and went more, but it was totally runny almost like water. She is eating and drinking fine but she has not...
  5. Can You Guys Please help! its very important!!!!

    Dog Health Questions
    my dog wishbone has started having some pains in his mouth. he would yelp if he's trying to eat hard food and cant pick anything up with his mouth. he always hides under the dresser now and its kind of depressing. we took him to the vet and they checked inside of his mouth and found nothing...
  6. Yelping after laying and then standing / reluctance to climb on bed and couches?

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a PitBull/Boxer mix, he was stray for about a year, I just took him in recently. His approximate age is 2 years old. His name is Jack. He is such a well-behaved dog, and very quiet, he rarely barks and even more rarely whines or wimpers. However, this morning he cried twice while in a bed...
  7. dog whines in crate PLEASE HELP.

    Dog Training Forum
    hi everyone. i got a puppy (8weeks old) 5 days ago. she was going to her crate without a problem (and staying there with the door closed). she was sick however, adn it was possibly the reason she was so good in the crate. now she whines extremely loudly when put in there. i've put food...