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  1. Looking Forward list.

    Off Topic
    I am excited about things, so I will make a list about it. I would also like you to make a list of things you are looking forward to. #1 - The Fair. In my county the fair is coming the end of next month. I excited to try out the new rides and ride the good old rides I loved as a child with my...
  2. Dog Breed guessing game

    General Dog Forum
    What breed of dog are the following? Next Dog And the Next And the last If I didn't get the little images right could someone put them on here for me?
  3. For those of you

    General Dog Forum
    :DFor those of you who read this post by me http://www.dogforums.com/2-general-dog-forum/50712-four-dogs.html here are the pictures I FINALLY got.... Brainard the schnauzer only attacks Pickle when I am outside with them and not just watching them through the window...