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  1. mouth wound smells bad

    Dog Health Questions
    My 10 week puppy got bit inside her mouth 2 days ago, it bled quite a lot and she lost one tooth. she is now eating solid food and is back on her happy self but her mouth smells terrible! i could smell that particular smell only a few hours after she got bit but i thought it was the smell of...
  2. Wound healing and granulation tissue!

    Dog Health Questions
    Good morning/afternoon/evening! I really need everyone's advice, on something that it has been happening to my Pitbull. She's around 8-9 years old, and she has always had a sort of round-shaped cyst on her paw pad, front leg. This summer, while walking, she must have stepped on a glass, or...
  3. Dog licking feet- > Wound? PLEASE HELP

    Dog Health Questions
    Attached are 2 pictures my my pupppies paw. She was adopted 3 months ago. Today she has been licking her back paws. She went to the beach yesterday WHat is the problem? And what can I do now to help her? should i wrap somehting around her paws?? or let it have some air and breather??? ANd...
  4. Dog got bit.

    Dog Health Questions
    My dog got bit by another bigger dog... Now it have pain and don't want to get up. He bit her near the rear right leg and I don't see any blood or something that could be the sign of a wound. She can walk without too much pain but can't run and climb stair. I dont know if i can give it something...
  5. Can I finish my Mini Bulll with the tip of her ear missing?

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
    My 18 month old Miniature Bull Terrier, who is currently 13 points/2 majors into her AKC conformation championship, got into it with my year old standard bully last weekend and lost the very tip (very small piece) of her left ear. I am a newbie and this is my first show dog (who I am also...
  6. Tibbie with 'wound' under the eye

    Dog Health Questions
    I'm watching my parents dog (Tibetan Spaniel) for a few weeks, and I just noticed today that he seam to have a wound under his eye - just by the 'root' of the snout, so it can hardly be seen. I have a feeling my parents have not noticed it - I just did cos I for some reason felt like looking at...
  7. Dog Biting Back End? (and causing wounds)

    Dog Health Questions
    This happened a couple of months ago. My dog has recently been biting the area right above his tail. It isn't ticks or fleas, we have ruled that out. He knows he is not supposed to do it, as last time this happened he ended up making a gash in that area. We always make him stop when we see him...
  8. Spaying - Is a Cone Required?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi everyone! :) We have a 5.5 month old puppy who we just had spayed a couple of days ago. The vet also sealed up the pup's umbilical hernia, so the wound is a little longer than usual. It's glued shut and the sutures will dissolve on their own. I'm wondering if it's necessary to get a cone...
  9. strange head wound, help

    Dog Health Questions
    My Alaskan Malamute has a serious slightly bloody red rash all over the top of his head. If I even graze the top of his fur, he shakes and cries. I recently gave him free run of our dog yard, maybe he got into something? Some kind of thorny bush or rub his head on a poisonous plant or something...