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  1. Australian shepherds as agility dogs

    General Dog Forum
    Im not sure if its in the wrong section or not, but oh well I today asked my agility teacher what she thought of Australian Shepherds. She told me that they were too heavy, and would be much slower than my current dog (who is a working labrador), and that I would be disappointed, and they were...
  2. Aussie Agility

    General Dog Forum
    Sorry, double post, ignore
  3. 10 questions about PUPPIES! I need answered before I bring this puppy home. HELP!!!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    I'm going to be a first time dog owner of a 6month old Male Shih Tzu. I have a few questions. MY SITUATION: I will be picking up my puppy on Thursday morning and I will be off from work that Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to be with the puppy and help it get to know my home and family...
  4. Working Line Sable GSD - Is she purebred?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    I picked up this stray yesterday. I sent a picture to a GSD breeder who told me she looked like a Working Line sable. She looks purebred to me, I just wanted a few more opinions. She's the smartest dog I've ever met in my whole life; she just knows EVERYTHING !