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  1. Wolf hybrid or just a husky mix

    General Dog Forum
    [/ATTACH] I want to figure out what kind of mix my boyfriend's dog, Ronin, is. He adopted him about a year ago from a husky rescue after he had been seized from an abusive home. He was told he is a husky but his vet said he might be a hybrid (I am not so sure). He is very timid around...
  2. Is she a Wolf Dog?

    General Dog Forum
    Hello everyone I'm new here, and just wanted your opinions and input on Louvelle (possible timber wolf / husky mix). From a breeder I was told that she is a mid-content wolf dog. I've done numerous endless searches on what is and what isn't a wolf dog. Aside from physical appearances, her...
  3. Should I get a Wolfdog? Your opinion on Wolfdogs?

    General Dog Forum
    I've loved wolves ever since I was five years old, they were an obsession of mine for quite some time. I had a Labrador Retriever puppy about six years ago but he died of parvo a month after my family purchased him. I've mostly been raised around feral cats but all my pets are gone. I started...
  4. Wolf Breeds in Australia

    General Dog Forum
    Just wondering if there is any updated information on this topic? Otherwise, suggestions of similar breeds would be appreciated - thanks.
  5. dog breed question

    General Dog Forum
    Can anyone tell me what breed she is? I purchased her and was told she was a husky/timber wolf mut but i doubt it. To me she doesnt look like a white german shepherd either tho. hopefully someone here can shed some light. these pics of dakota at 6 months, she has double dew claws in the two hind...
  6. What do you think of my wolf hybrid?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    This is my baby girl 1year and 3 months old. Got her from a breeder of timber wolves and gsd. She is 12.5% timber wolf and 87.5 gsd very low content. She has black bands black top tail, big paws tail straight out as she runs very skittish to everyone but me, escape artist nothing keeps her in...
  7. Beth Duman at Wolf Park: Positive Training

    Dog Training Forum
    For any of those in Indiana or located near Wolf Park, there will be a seminar on dog and wolf training by Beth Duman. Beth is both a wolf specialist and dog trainer who has been doing wolf education since 1972, in which time she has lectured to over 1,000 groups in various seminars around the...
  8. Wolf Hybrid Feeding

    Dog Food Forum
    I have an alaskan malamute-wolf hybrid, are there any suggestions on if i should feed him before a walk or after?
  9. Does anyone else here disagree with this?

    General Dog Forum
    I found this website whilst searching information on Wolf Hybrids... does anyone dislike these kinds of websites? I think selling wolves is one thing; selling them online is another :/ http://www.k9stud.com/WolfDogPuppiesforSale.aspx
  10. What breed is my dog?

    General Dog Forum
    I recently adopted this 7 month old puppy from animal control. I was not told what breed he is but it is obvious that he is mixed. To me, he appears to be collie/husky or malamute. I have had people tell me some of his marking look part timber wolf. Is this possible? (Is he incredibly sweet...
  11. Vitani the American Akita and the new wolfdog pup.

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Hey everyone! This is kind of my intro page, just to get you to know who I am and who my dogs are. First we have Vitani, my American Akita. She's a year and a half old (or thereabouts) and she's the sweetest dog. She's great with other dogs and pets, but she's a little too big to play with...
  12. Greetings from the North!

    Attention All New Members
    Hello everyone, My name is Angel, I am a 22 year old certified Animal Care Technician living in Canada. This late spring/early summer my husband and I will be bringing home our very first working-line German Shepherd puppy. I am extremely excited about this, because despite my career that...
  13. New Member & My Babies

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Hi! My name is Emily and these are my dogs :-) Raksha is a 23 month old Anatolian Shepherd. Kyra is a 2 year old wolfdog. Silver is a 7 year old Siberian Husky. I look forward to talking to other dog-lovers :D
  14. Faded memory of a Black Dingo

    Dog Pictures Forum
    This is Anubus(Latin spelling). He's a little unusual as pet because he's a kids dog (1986). A black Dingo "Canis Lupus Dingo" (not pure but may as well have been classified that). He slept at the head of my bed over my pillow at night sometimes for the first year, mostly to keep him quiet.
  15. Smokey "Wolf Hybrid"

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Here's some pictures of my Wolf Hybrid named Smokey
  16. New Wolf Hybrid Puppy

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Im getting a new puppy this friday. I have grown up around dogs and had a few when i was a kid. And you know what that means i pet it and mom feeds it lol. I do have a cat. I have had him and actually taken care of him for 2 and a half years. Hes up to date on all shots, fixed everything is...