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  1. Sleep Cycle Issues

    Dog Training Forum
    My dog sleeps most of the day, but is awake a good part of the night whining at me from his crate. I have tried keeping him awake during the day. He has no interest in playing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have considered buying him a calming collar, since he is new to the home.
  2. Whining in Crate - I feel I must be doing this wrong!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello, first time puppy parent here. Mommy of a 10 week old Corgi Mix male. So, I seem to have gotten potty training down. However, I seem to be having trouble crate training, and am still dealing with whining in the crate. We have had Bailey for 3 weeks now, and we have a variation when...
  3. Romanian Rescue Dog - Issues

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Freddie is Romanian, he was unwanted and kept in an outside kennel with little human interaction for about the first year of his life and then dumped in a public shelter. He was rescued from there and a foster carer looked after and worked with him for around 5 months and then put him up for...
  4. Wish i got here sooner :)

    Attention All New Members
    Hi everyone. I need some help with my puppy. He's a Labrador Cross breed and he's only 8 weeks old. He was abandoned on the streets and I rehabilitated him. He is very hyper and energetic when he is up and awake. He takes good naps and plays well with children. And is almost poop trained. The...
  5. Whining & Biting

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, so I have a 3 1/2 month old german shepherd, we've had him for a little over a month and he's made great progress. In the beginning he was extremely bitty, would chase after your feet, pant legs, arms, hands, you name it. He's gotten a lot better but he randomly goes in "attack mode"...
  6. HELP! whining is tearing dog and handler apart!

    Dog Training Forum
    beau a two year old catahoula will whine just to whine he whines about nothing i have tried ignoring remote collar rewarding when quite giving a correction when whineing he is an awesome dog everything is great with him exept this its splitting us apart :Cry::Cry::Cry::Cry:
  7. Black Lab Anger Problem

    General Dog Forum
    Hello, My name is Collin, and I live with my girlfriend Allie. We live together with our 3 dogs, Monty(Black Lab), Dobby(Mutt), and taco(Norwegian Elkhound). Allie has had Monty since he was a puppy, he's almost 7 now. All 3 of the dogs wear training collars from "Sit Means Sit". When Allie and...
  8. Early morning barking and whining

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi I have a 9 month old lab that is outside during the day and has a sheltered pen to sleep in at night. When we are home she will come inside and we have no problems with her going outside at night. She goes straight to be done and sleeps. The issue is the morning. As soon as the sun...
  9. A dog that whines non--stop

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi everyone, I have a chihuahua that whines non-stop. He is turning 4 years old, and I've had him since he was a puppy. Even when I first got him, he wouldn't stop whining all the way home. Little did I know that would be a permanent trait of his. I do not give into his whining, I never did...
  10. Puppy crying after finishing kong - Help please!

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    We've had a 13 week old Dachshund mix for about a month now. We have a crate inside a pen for her. She really likes it and will go in there herself throughout the day. However, I am due to start back at work in a few weeks so am wanting her to get used to being on her own for a while. I have...
  11. Do I praise the puppy when he is quiet in the crate

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My puppy, like many others, cries when first put in the crate. It can reach a howl or a bark, but he settles down after five or ten minutes. I've used a voice activated recorder to test this and he quiets down when I leave the house after five minutes. I find that when I am at home, though, he...
  12. Advice on 8-weeks-old puppies

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi, everyone! Glad to be here. I'm seeking advice about our two new female Lhasa puppies, Milky and Daisy. Here's some background: They are littermates - I know, I know, we've heard and read a lot about this and I'm fully aware. So, saying we shouldn't have had littermates won't really be...
  13. Puppy whining in crate only when I'm nearby

    Attention All New Members
    Since this is my first thread, I'd like to first say hello! Now for my problem... I have a 5 month old puppy who was doing great in his crate the last few weeks. He would sleep through the night and was content during the day when I wasn't home (I have a camera set up so I can view his crate...
  14. HELP!!! new dog vs. old dog

    Dog Training Forum
    I recently adopted a really sweet 1 yr old lab Shepard mix male. I currently have a shepard lab female that is 4 years old. I think I introduced them wrong now they bark when ever we leave the room when this never happened before and my older dog is intolerable of the new dog which surprises me...
  15. Shih Tzu problems

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a shih tzu that is supposedly two years old (according to the rescue shelter owner), but he acts much older. He has recently started whining anytime we put him in his crate. He's outside with my other dogs at least 12 hours a day, so it's not that he wants to play. He only goes in his...
  16. 9 Week old puppy barking and whining, need help!

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello, I have a 9 week old red heeler/lab mix. She's a cutie but she is quite vocal! She just won't take to her kennel. We've tried everything. We cover it, we play soft "doggy" music, we put toys in there, we give her a kong (she doesn't care for it), we feed her in there so she sees it's a...
  17. Separation anxiety in 4 month old puppy?

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    My sister's dog had a litter of 1/2 Bloodhound 1/2 Basset Hound puppies and as my graduation present, I was given one. I got her at 8 weeks and 3 days, now she's 16 weeks and a day. If I leave her, for even literally 30 seconds, she will bark and whine as loud as possible, and whenever I return...
  18. Suddenly terrified of her food and water bowls! (not sure where to put this)

    Dog Health Questions
    My 12 year old beagle has recently started refusing to eat or drink out of her bowls. This is after a chain of bad food behavior. She had been waking us up to feed her several times in the night and it used to stop her constant whining but we stopped that as it was unhealthy and now if we give...
  19. Whining Habit and Destruction - Please Help!

    General Dog Forum
    Ok, I have 3 dogs. Two of which are out of their destruction phase and are very quiet. I've a Boston Terrier, 1 yrs old, a Shih Tzu, 1 yrs old, and they are great. Then we have Sasha. I love her very much but she's becoming a handful. She's a little over 1, she is a husky/lab/pit mix. She's...
  20. Why does my puppy Hate her crate?

    Dog Training Forum
    Hello everybody! I have a question which I would really like answerred ;) We just adopted a Husky puppy a couple of weeks ago, we have been trying to crate train her but this is not going so well. initially she just hated the crate when it was closed, she would sleep there without problems...