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what breeds?

  1. What Breed(s) Am I? Our new addtion, Tyson!

    Dog Rescue Forum
    So my husband and I picked up our new addition this past week. He is about 10 lbs and 3 months old. He was posted as a hound/husky mix and we know this is completely inaccurate, but fell in love with his looks and personality. I have been asking around what people think he is and we have heard...
  2. What breed(s) is my little girl?

    General Dog Forum
    We found her almost 3 years ago running loose. She has come a long way and we have and so many suggestions to her genetic make-up, I would love to know what everyone else thinks! Thanks!
  3. Mixed breed?

    General Dog Forum
    I got this little guy about 2 months ago from the shelter. I guess someone had dropped him and his litter mates off in a box by the front door. The vet at the shelter seemed to Think the puppies were queensland heelers. As of right now, I'm not quite seeing it. He was the odd ball of the bunch...
  4. HELP!!! What kind of puupy is she?!?!

    General Dog Forum
    Hi, I adopted/rescued Abby, she is 8-9 weeks old and weighs 5 kilo (11lbs). Some people are telling me she looks like she has some rottie in her... She is extremely smart and is training exceptionally well. Please tell me what you think she is (or is partly) and why (so I can learn for the...
  5. New dog - pitbull mixed with?

    General Dog Forum
    Rescued her from a shelter a few days ago. SO SWEET and gentle all the time. very calm inside the house and walks great on a leash but if you tell her it is ok to run - man does she run! What breeds are in her? Everyone says pitbull right away but what else? She is pretty tall and pretty thin...