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  1. What breed is my dog?! THANKS!

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Thanks for your suggestions in advance! Very curious! Also any size predictions?
  2. Is my dog a flat-coated retriever?

    General Dog Forum
    We recently got a new dog, Avery, from the animal shelter. They had him called him a flat-coated retriever. Since I've never heard of that breed, I researched it a bit, and as far as personality-wise, they're very similar. But from both his head shape and body shape (he's a little on the skinny...
  3. what breed does this look like

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Good morning all..can anyone tell me what breed my Cilla looks like..I bought her from a lady who didnt know what she was..she's about 4 months maybe 4 1/2 months old and about 25-30 pounds. Runs around the house like a nut..flying through my townhouse like it's an obstacle course. She's very...
  4. What is she?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    This is Kira, our 9 month old shelter pup. According to animal control, she is a lab/collie mix...I googled them and I'm not buying it. I'm pretty sure she has some Rottweiler in her, but my husband refuses to admit I'm right. LOL! :)
  5. What dog breed is shown in this picture????

    Attention All New Members
    http://i62.tinypic.com/2laeyva.jpg i posted this but im new and didn't know how to put a picture :doh: anyways im just curious what you think she'll look like when she's oilder (what breed), she's 2 weeks old also, i've owned 2 dogs over the last 20 years and the noses were black/pink (1...
  6. Rescued brindle pup mixed with.....? What is he??

    Dog Rescue Forum
    Finn has been with me for about a week. We met through a Craigslist ad in which his previous owner described him as a terrier mix. I see more german shepherd in him, and my vet confirmed it, but I'm really curious what he's mixed with. Any ideas? He's around 15 weeks old, weighs 19 lbs (though...
  7. What breed is my dog?

    General Dog Forum
    When we bought Lucy we were told she was a Labrador Retriever but I am not completely sure and a few people on this forum don't think she is either. Could you please tell me what breed you think she could be? Lucy is almost 7 months old, she is smaller than she should be for a Labrador...
  8. What kind of dog do I have?

    General Dog Forum
    Female, 40 lbs at 10 months. Tan / fawnish color coat depending on season. Perked ears and muscular, pretty square build and fast. She has white tips on feet and sickle curled tail that usually is just above touching the back. No white tip on tail, just white underside. She has a high prey drive...
  9. What breed am I?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Please tell me what breed you think Kiera might be. I adopted her 2 months ago and would like to narrow down breed possibilities for health and training purposes. She is about 8 months old and wieghs 60 lbs. She is almost as tall as my friends 120 lbs Great Dane.
  10. What kind of dog should I buy

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hi, I live in Dublin, Ireland. Previously I lived in the country and kept golden retrievers. But now I live in a small house with a tiny garden and I want a dog, but the space is limited. If I wanted something similar to a golden but smaller, what should I get ?
  11. HELP!!! What kind of puupy is she?!?!

    General Dog Forum
    Hi, I adopted/rescued Abby, she is 8-9 weeks old and weighs 5 kilo (11lbs). Some people are telling me she looks like she has some rottie in her... She is extremely smart and is training exceptionally well. Please tell me what you think she is (or is partly) and why (so I can learn for the...
  12. Help me figure out if this little guy's breed. Pointer?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Help me figure out this little guy's breed. Pointer? This little guy was adopted when he was approximately 3-4 mo. The shelter that we adopted him from said that he was a lab-hound mix. (guessing I suppose) but then a few months ago a breeder mentioned that he looked like a pointer. I started...
  13. What is my Mutt?

    General Dog Forum
    Like many of you I rescued Thunderlips here from the Shelter. He was going to be put down :( Beside SharPei , we have no idea what he is. He is very sweet & is a people dog. Very Gentle with my kids and super patient. Kind of lazy. Will play for a few minutes at a time but prefers to sleep...
  14. American Pittbull Terrier/American Staffordshire Terrier/Staffordshire Bull Terrier?

    General Dog Forum
    I was just curious what kind of the generalization "Pitt Bull" my 3.5 month old pup was. I'd like to know the general size to expect and for that, I'd need the breed of course. I was hopeful y'all could help me out :) This is Zaida:
  15. What breed is my dog? ( it ain't easy cause shes mixed breed )

    General Dog Forum
    So someone told me it had parts of a Corgi and it does, but I know there are more breeds in my dog Vixxy, so so far I have Corgi, But what about the other traits? Help please! Video when Vixxy was 4 months old Pics of Vixxy When Vixxy was 4 months old Here Vixxy is a Adult In Here Vixxy...
  16. Rescued a puppy and wondering what breed he might be

    Dog Rescue Forum
    I found this little guy hiding under the stairs to out garage apartment in the backyard. He was pretty young as far as I can tell when we found him. He had little itty bitty puppy teeth and still had a little belly button so I think someone either didn't want him or he somehow wondered off. I...
  17. What breed of dog, and how old? Help the rescue effort

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Found on the side of the road, running with a buddy, we were able to catch her 3 days ago. She's very scared and I'm worried how the two will get along without each other. I've been feeding and watering the buddy once I found out her "home" in the woods. A neighbor said he's seen the dogs...
  18. Another Guess the Breed - Rescue Dog

    General Dog Forum
    I've rescued this dog from the roadside a few days ago and am trying to figure out what breed she is. She was running with a buddy but I could not catch her but I'm still trying. I hope they are doing ok without each other. It is snowing tonight here in Michigan and my heart is sinking for...
  19. Boo my Rescue pup What Breed is she?

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Hi Everyone, I'm Cathy & This is my first post. (My photo insert is now showing in this preview so I can't tell if that is working or not) After loosing my old love, a 16 yr old white fuzzy little boy in late July, and being totally heartbroken, I finally decided it was time for a new...
  20. What breeds do you think he is??

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Here is my baby boy, Charlie. He's about 3 months old here I think. 4 months old 5 1/2 months and 9 months. This last pic shows more of his body. He's about 65 to 70 pounds right now. Possibly more. The rest of the pics are on another computer. But his 1st birthday is on the 23rd of...