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  1. Advice on feeding schedule (new diet)

    General Dog Forum
    Hello all, I have a 6yr old Frengle (beagle/frenchie mix) and he's a little overweight and trying to drop 7lbs. He's around 37lbs now. I just switched him to wet food. Note: since moving back home oversears.. we don't have many dog food options so this is the best one I found so far. Anyways, I...
  2. Dog eating alot less

    General Dog Forum
    My dog Lincoln is 3 months old and as long as i've had him he has been a great eater. However, within the last two weeks, he has had a significant drop in the amount hes eating. He will just sniff his food and walk away. I have started to mix his food with a LITTLE bit of juices from a wet can...
  3. Sort of Picky Eater (Dry Kibble)

    Dog Food Forum
    Hello! I've been having some recurring trouble with my Buddy when it comes to food. He's sort of a picky eater, in the sense that every so often, he drops into phases of not eating his kibble. He still plays actively and goes for the food, so I know he wants to eat and isn't sick, but then he...
  4. Canned Food Better Than Dry Food?

    Dog Food Forum
    I just read an article on the Dog Food Advisor talking about canned food being better than dry kibble and kibble being detrimental to a dog's teeth rather than scraping them clean. Does anyone have any opinions on this? Here's the link to the website...
  5. Husky Puppy

    Dog Food Forum
    So for whatever reason I feel like my dog needs more variety in his food. He's healthy and is getting all the vitamins, protein, etc. that he needs. But I hate to leave him on the same food.. I guess how I feel is none of us would just want to eat the same type of thing everyday for every meal...