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  1. Loose Leash Training a Westie

    First Time Dog Owner and Basic Questions
    Hello! I am a first time dog owner, but have had my Westie puppy for close to two years now. I was hoping some experienced people out there could share some advice on loose leash training. My current method: When the puppy starts to pull, I stand still until he looks back at me. I use my...
  2. Hello, I have a new Westie

    Attention All New Members
    Hi dog lovers. So last week I brought home a Westie and the experience has been good so far, no major incidences. I decided to join this forum to interact with fellow dog owners to share my experiences with. Does anyone here have a westie? If so, what advice can you give me going forward.
  3. Westie Owner from Los Angeles

    Attention All New Members
    Hello fellow dog lovers. Our family has a 8 year old Westie. He loves life, especially being the center of attention with 6 kids under 9 years old. :) I have recently partnered with a medical lab that has been manufacturing MSM, Chondroitin and Glucosamine supplements for dogs with Hip & Joint...
  4. Westie with Chronic Diarrhea

    Dog Health Questions
    We have a 14 month old West Highland Terrier who recently has had episodes of diarrhea. It has been going on for 4 weeks, off and on. She has been on 2 different antibiotics that stop the diarrhea, but it returns after being off medication for 24 hours. Our vet has done a stool sample which...
  5. I'm Back....

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Hey, I have not been on df for awhile so I thought I would stop in and see what was new. While I am at it here are some new pics of my boys: Radar is all grown up now,I cant believe he is a a year and half old now! It would probably be easier to believe he was an adult if he acted like...
  6. Westie Grooming

    Dog Grooming Forum
    We recently added a Westie to our family, and I am pretty clueless on when it comes to grooming them. My other dog is a schnauzer, so I am pretty good with that one, as I just take him to the groomer 3-4 times a year for a cut and bathe him once a month. I know I want to keep his hard coat, but...
  7. Dealing with hemangiosarcoma, any advice?

    Dog Health Questions
    Hello everybody! This is actually my very first post so I'm super new here. The main reason why I finally joined a dog forum is because of the cancer hemangiosarcoma my dog was diagnosed with. Sorry if my english is bad, it's not my first language. My 11 year old dog Picolo was diagnosed...
  8. Réglisse & Excel [Tricks]

    Dog Sports/Show Forum
  9. Does anyone know of this Westie breeder?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'm strongly considering obtaining a west highland terrier puppy. I've been reading a lot about the breed and researching many breeders. I've recently been to a dog show and met a breeder which I am interested in. I was wondering if anyone knows about...
  10. Barking At Night

    Dog Training Forum
    I have a 9 month old Westie female. She is crate trained and stays in her crate for 5-8 hours a day, depending on the day. We enjoy a daily walk and she will go to doggy day care about once a week. At night she sleeps in my room on her bed, but sometimes I do not allow her to sleep in my room...
  11. Westie owners, what do you feed your dog(s)?

    Dog Food Forum
    I'm a previous Westie owner who had good results on Wellness Core. Luckily, no allergy issues. My dog passed away in March (and is missed beyond words, as I'm not very good with emotion-writing) and I'm looking to get a new Westie within the year. As I know they're a breed prone to skin...
  12. Westie Breeders in NY/NJ area

    General Dog Forum
    Hi all, Warning: This is an introduction/memorial/and breeder question, all in one post, so it's very long. My name is Kelly and I'm from New York. I lost my West Highland White Terrier on March 12th this year from two kinds of cancer. He was 12.5 years old and I had him since I was 10--I...
  13. Westie Singing Star Trek Theme Song

    General Dog Forum
    Here's my Westie singing the Star Trek theme song... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToOcSD9Q3gc
  14. New Westie pup owner from Ohio

    Attention All New Members
    Hello, New to the forum, and new as well to dog ownership. My wife and I both had dogs growing up, but this is our first dog together. We have two children, aged 9 and 4. Brought home our 9-1/2 week old Westie pup Daisy last weekend, and she has very quickly become a part of the family. She...
  15. Is my Senior Dog in PAIN or just Scared??? HELP!

    Dog Health Questions
    I think the title says it all. I don't know if he is in pain or scared. I feel either is serious, yet I don't know what to do to correct the problem even if I could tell the difference. Let me thank you in adavnce for your much needed assistance & apologize about the length of the post. I am...
  16. Westie Singing

    Dog Pictures Forum
    Kiche loves singing along to piano (Phantom of the Opera).
  17. Terrier Grooming Question

    Dog Grooming Forum
    Okay, I have a Westie show dog that we think has a good chance of finishing his championship this upcoming show if we can have him well groomed. We asked two people for their opinions, and they contradict each other entirely. According to a Westie breeder for the last 15 years: To get a dog’s...
  18. RESPONSIBLE Dog Breeding.

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi, I have an excellent AKC Westie stud dog and I would like to find some reputable sites to advertise him on. He has had genetic testing done, is in the best of health, has a great temperament, and is the perfect picture of the breed standard for the Westie. If anyone knows of a reputable...
  19. I cabin travel help

    General Dog Forum
    My 1 year, 13 pound westie will be traveling with my wife to Mexico in februrary. She will be traveling in-cabin but we have a problem. My westie does not like the FAA approved soft sided travel bag. She refuses to get in and when we put her in, she scrambles to exit it. How can we get her to...