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west highland terrier

  1. Erratic - Loud and overactive Westie

    Dog Training Forum
    Hi all, Please help..... OK so we have had this Westie for approx a year and her behaviour is still very much the same. Let me explain, she either doesn't learn or are training and behaviour recognition is just not working. Our dog Bonnie barks a great deal at almost everyone and everything...
  2. Does anyone know of this Westie breeder?

    General Dog Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and I'm strongly considering obtaining a west highland terrier puppy. I've been reading a lot about the breed and researching many breeders. I've recently been to a dog show and met a breeder which I am interested in. I was wondering if anyone knows about...
  3. New Westie pup owner from Ohio

    Attention All New Members
    Hello, New to the forum, and new as well to dog ownership. My wife and I both had dogs growing up, but this is our first dog together. We have two children, aged 9 and 4. Brought home our 9-1/2 week old Westie pup Daisy last weekend, and she has very quickly become a part of the family. She...
  4. What do YOU feed your Westie?

    Dog Food Forum
    My 7 year old westie has a sensitive tummy. I switched from Purina to Wellness Core protein focused nutrition, and while he seems to like it, he is throwing up again. He eats several small meals a day, and usually does fine, but today he had some mucus and blood in his stool, and threw up twice...
  5. HELP! Westie With Tummy Trouble. Vomiting bile and mucus/blood in stools

    Dog Health Questions
    I have a 7 year old westie, Charlie, who is having tummy problems AGAIN. We got him a year ago, do not know a thing about his past life, except his age and name. He is a good tempered, happy little dog, BUT....... He tends to vomit in the mornings. He has been doing it on and off for quite a...
  6. Hello from the United Kingdom

    Attention All New Members
    Hello, I thought I would introduce myself, I am female and live in the United Kingdom. I'm the proud owner of Mitzi, a West Highland White Terrier who is now 8 years old and still as active as a 1 year old! I've just started up a website about her, it's got lots of photographs of her, stories...