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  1. Have Banfield Wellness; thinking about having insurance as well

    Dog Health Questions
    Hi: I'm unfortunately tied into the Banfield Wellness plan, which covers routine care. My vet just told me she's moving out of state; I really don't like the other vet and have heard horrible things about the average Banfield vet. Additionally, I'm setting aside $50 a month if something...
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  4. MARCH Promotion - Enjoy 20% off on Dog Food & Treats

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    We're starting our March Promotion with 20% off your order of dog food or dog treats. We offer premium brands such as Acana, Blue Buffalo, Canidae, Nature's Variety, Orijen, Wellness & ZiwiPeak. Just use coupon code, PAW, at checkout. This offer is good for this week and ends March 7, 2014...
  5. Small/toy breed dog food suggestions

    Dog Food Forum
    I have a nearly 5 lb pomeranian (9 months old.) He is currently on Wellness Super5 Mix Small Breed. I have no complaints, but I was wondering if there is anything you might suggest instead of Wellness. I would like the food to be geared toward small or toy breed dogs. Brands I've been...
  6. is Chicken Soup For the dog good?

    Dog Food Forum
    hi, i have been feeding my Siberian Husky pedigree, i know it is horrible. we used to feed it Eukanuba, but one time the store was out, so we bought pedigree from costco, and we just started buying it ever since, for the past 3 months maybe? anyhow, i've noticed that my sibe's coat has gone from...
  7. Problem with Orijen Large Breed Puppy- what now?

    Dog Food Forum
    Ive been feeding my Yellow Lab orijen Large Breed puppy (he is about 5.5 months and 35 pounds).. For a month now, every other day he has loose stools and very bad smelling stools... I tried adding pumpkin tonight to see if it helps... Im considering switching brands to either Wellness or...
  8. Target stores in my area. What happened to the decent pet foods?

    Dog Food Forum
    Maybe I'm just crazy and losing my mind, but I seem to recall Target carrying, in addition to the usual low-to-middling quality "supermarket" pet foods, decent brands such as Dr Foster's & Smith, Newman's Own Organics, and PetGuard. A recent trip to Target's pet food aisle (to tide my animals...
  9. Which dog food have you found to be the best for your dog?

    Dog Food Forum
    My golden retriever had been on Wellness for a year, when he suddenly started getting colitis from it. Different batch or formula change, presumably. Now I am looking for another good brand. Seems like Canidae used to be considered good, but people have been complaining about their formula...